Why is Dai Williams Involved in the Building of a New Japanese Restaurant in Wales?

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Dai Williams is a builder who is assisting in the construction of a new Japanese Restaurant which is to be built in South Wales. The reason for this stretches right back to the reduction in usage of coal.

Mr Williams was previously a miner in the local coal mines. The demand for coal soon began to decrease drastically. New forms of fuels such as Petroleum and Natural Gas were replacing coal. Dai Williams was left unemployed following the closure of the mine. Alongside his mine, many mines across Wales closed leaving a major unemployment problem. Soon the Welsh Development Agency was formed and began developing the local area.

The WDA brought many positive changes which began to attract modern industries. For example, better transport links such as new roads were created making the area further more accessible. These developments gradually brought many new industries and created hundreds of jobs.

The success of the agency meant that people from outside the area were also employed.

The Bridgend Sony factory was one of the new industries and was opened in 1974 and created hundreds of jobs. As well as this, many Japanese employees came to Wales with it. Many East-Asian families such as the Ishigirus settled in Bridgend and a new Japanese community was formed. People such as Megan Jones benefited from the new industries and gained a form of employment.

Mrs Ishiguru launched a new Japanese food service within the community. The demand for the service grew rapidly as more and more Japanese people populated Wales, and more of the Welsh community tried the food. Megan Jones was one of the many Welsh people to try the food. Opening a new Japanese restaurant would attract good business and satisfy to local community.

As this shows, the reason that Dai...