Why did the 1905 revolution take place?

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Which of the problems faced by Tsar Nicholas 2nd where the most serious?

Tsar Nicholas 2nd faced many problems in 1894 when he became Tsar, the main problems he faced where political problems, economic problems, social problems, religious-nationalist problems and finally military problems.

I think that the most serious problem faced by Nicholas the 2nd was the economics problems in Russia at the time because their poor economy made it hard for living standards and industry to improve. Firstly 82% of Russia's population at the time were peasants who were uneducated, this meant that there were not many educated people within Russia which was bad economically for them as less people were able to run and operate businesses, the closed societies and financial backwardness discouraged many into becoming entrepreneurs as it was nearly impossible for the poor who made up 82% of the population, this was bad as that meant there was less money coming into the country as their only 4% of the population was working class. Secondly at the time Russia did not have a thriving agrarian economy which made it hard for Russia to trade with other countries and so there were not many things coming into the country so they had to produce everything themselves and if they could not produce something then there would have been no way to get it. Russia, due to its poor technology used terrible inefficient and out dated methods of production for example in farming this meant that they were unable to produce large amounts of produce efficiently which lead to many people mainly the peasants to starve. The inefficient transport in the country made it hard for people to get to places which meant there was less trade

Secondly the most serious problem Nicholas the 2nd faced was the...