Why did the American Frontier Close?

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Over a period of about three fifty years, from when the white explorers first crossed over to America in search of a fresh start away from taxes, crime and persecution, the Native Indians Frontier had gradually been drawing to an end. The explorers constantly broke agreements with the Natives about their territories and many skirmishes left countless dead, most of which were Indians. Eventually in 1890 the Director of US census bureau finally announced that the frontier was closed.

At first the Indians and explorers met peacefully and exchanged gifts and traded with each other. The white people began to spread across America on covered wagons, most trying to find a new life, wealth or escape religious persecution, war, crime and tax. They also believed in 'Manifest Destiny" which meant that they thought that God wanted them to spread out across the 'New Land' and populate America. As they spread out, most were going to Oregon or California; they crossed over the Native Indians land and killed their buffalo, both of which were sacred to them.

The Natives became angry as this continued to go on and began to attack the white settlers as they travelled, stealing their possessions and horses or oxen. Because of these attacks the whites feel they need protection and an army was created.

In 1832 there was a permanent Frontier established along the eastern edge of the Plains. On one side was the Indian's territory on the other, the white settlers'. In 1849 Gold was discovered in America. Yet more white explorers flooded over from Europe in search of wealth. Much of the gold was located in the Natives territory but the settlers went over the Frontier anyway, breaking an agreement that the Indians had with the US Government. Once again the provoked...