Why did Chinese Nationalism fail?

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Western influence was the major cause of China changing to a republic in 1911. Western powers caused Nationalism to flourish in China which eventually made the Chinese people want their own government so that they could resist the west.

From the 18th century the west caused internal strife in China, until the Chinese Dynasties finally collapsed in 1911. The Boxer Rebellion was caused by anti-western people openly attacking Europeans because they felt that Westerners were causing so many problems in China. The Chinese Dynasty was a target of the Boxers as well, but quickly managed to use the Boxers to concentrate more on attacking European people. The Opium Wars were fought because the British wanted to be able to trade more freely, and they very quickly turned to damaging the Empire. Other Rebellions or conflicts were fought all over China over a long space of time, and they were often caused by European influnces.

For thousands of years before Europeans were in Asia, China followed Confucism and the Emperor was said to have been granted the Mandate of Heaven from higher powers. Because of this, people did not want to disrupt the natural order of things, so did not challenge the Emperor at all. Before Europeans came to China, the Empire was very successful and the Emperor maintained control over all of China without problems. Within fifty years of the British trade convoys first arriving at the Forbidden City, the first Opium War had begun, and China was suffering. This was good for maintianing control, but meant that China did not advance at all for all this time. The main reason that Britain had for trying to control parts of China was because of trade and profit. Since the Chinese Emperors refused to allow them free trade the British began...