Why did George.W Bush win the war in Iraq in 2003

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Why did George W. Bush decide to invade Iraq in 2003? Explain your answer.

When we are asked the question of why did George W. Bush invade Iraq, we can think of multiple reason's. Some of the claim's for the invasion of Iraq were oil, to stop the war of terror, revenge for the event's of September 11 and Saddam Hussein generating weapon's of mass destruction (WMD). Of all of these claims, one main reason can be seen to why Bush decided to invade Iraq and bring a war about between the two state's and this being to stop the rule of a dictatorship and the threat of terrorism toward the United States. It can also be seen as a way to promote democracy. Politics played a major role in this war and the reason's behind this will be further explained throughout this text. The countries that assisted to United States included Australia and Britain.

This invasion led by the US took place in March of 2003 and led to conflict not only in Iraq, but also in the US itself as many of its citizen's did not know the reason to invade a middle-eastern country -

"I can't explain the strategic obsession with Iraq, why it rose to the top of people's priority list. I just can't explain why so many people thought this was so important to do."

- Richard Haass

Director of Policy Planning, US State Department 2001-3 �

From this quote we can see how many people at this time would have felt and thought of Bush invading Iraq. A proper reason was needed for the US public to accept the concept of war in the middle-east. Bush needed to sell a threat to the public and the basic proposal for this was...