Why did the Germans support the Nazis?

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The situation in Germany during the 1920s was very different compared to its situation before the war. After the war had ended, economically, they were stripped of all their money and power due to reparations payments. Military wise, they had very little protection because their army was limited, they had no navy, and they had their troops withdrawn from the Rhineland. This meant that they felt very threatened by France.

Politically, their government was weak and almost all of Germany blamed the Weimar Constitution/Government for the weakness. Without consulting the people of Germany, the Weimar government has signed the Treaty of Versailles besides the fact that the government's main belief was that people should have a say in how the country was run. The German National Socialist Workers Party (Nazis) and other political parties such as the communists took advantage of this weakness and started to spread news about themselves and the promises they made to make Germany a better country.

Firstly, Germany's people were extremely upset when the Treaty of Versailles was signed in June 1919. Once of the main reasons was because the Weimar Government did not consult the country's people. It was meant to be a democracy, where the people would get a say in what happened to the country. The German people became angry and bitter and saw the Weimar government as being weak and incapable of running Germany. This was because they were intimidated and forced by more powerful countries like France and Britain to sign the peace treaty. The German's wanted a stronger government and the Nazis promised them this.

One of the term's of the Treaty of Versailles was the war guilt clause. The signing of the peace treaty meant that the German's had to agree to this term. This made the German...