Why did Henry VII need to keep control?

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Henry VII was a powerful man and got the throne through battle. He was king from 1485-1509. He fought king Richard III in the battle of Bosworth. During this time the barons were out of control and as soon as Henry took over, he had to gain control some how.

He took control by putting in new laws. One of them was banning private armies. The armies were made up of servants in uniform. He banned them to make sure that no-one would rebel against the king or other barons and their armies.

He also put heavy loans and taxes on the barons. Henry VII needed money to make him strong and powerful. Also he needed money to pay for his own army. There was also another reason for getting money. It was so his son, Arthur, could have a safe and secure time being on the throne once Henry had died.

Anyone who did not obey these rules was taken to the court of Star Chamber. Here they would not be sentences, but the barons had to pay heavy fines that went towards Henry. A lot of money was spent on the court to make it look attractive..

There were threats from other countries, trying to take over England but Henry kept the throne and fought successful wars against Scotland and France.

Henry married his son Arthur to Catherine of Aragon in Spain to make Spain an ally. Arthur then died and so Henry VII married his other son, Henry, to Catherine.

Henry VII then died in 1509 leaving his wealth, peace and safe throne to Henry, later to be Henry VIII.