Why did kristallnacht take place?

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Why did Kristallnacht take place


Both sources clearly describe the same event. Source A is a summary of an account by a journalist who was working for a nazi newspaper before the war. The journalist's name is Fritz Hesse and was written in 1954. Fritz Hesse recalls a conversation he over heard between Goebbles and Hitler at a dinner in Munich on the 9th November 1938. An officer whispered to Goebbles and then Goebbles spoke to Hitler about the plans of the mass attack which 'he and the SA were going to launch against' Jewish shops and synagogues. Source A shows that even though Hitler wasn't involved in the planning of the attacks he wasn't going to do anything about it. It was undeniable that he approved of it. Hitler 'squealed with delight and slapped his thigh with enthusiasm' when he heard what they were going to do.

Source B is a secret report made by the nazi supreme court after the events of kristallnacht.

It was a secret report and wasn't made for the German public to read. The report tells us that Hitler was not informed about the plans of Kristallnatch but he was told by the party leaders that they had taken place. The report also gives us the idea that Hitler wasn't directly involved, goebbelles suggest to Hitler that 'demonstrations were not to be organised by the party, but neither were they discouraged if they started spontaneously' and Hitler agreed. The source is reliable because it wasn't made for anyone else to read apart from the Nazis, they would have no reason to lie. It doesn't say anything about the details of violence and the transportation of Jews to the concentration camps.

Source A is more reliable because it was written by a nazi journalist...