Why did the Mayan Civilization collapse?

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IntroductionThe Mayan Civilization is located in Mesoamerica. The Mayan Civilization was created in A.D. 250 and existed during the classic period, of A.D. 250 to 900 and still exists today. The Mayan was also known as the Classic Maya." The Mayan area was almost the whole of Mexico. It covered countries during the Classic Maya such as Chiapas, Tabasco, Yucatan Peninsular states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan. This was only the Southern part. It also covered today's countries such as Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Western Honduras. The Mayan Civilization was the largest civilization in Mesoamerica. It had vast and many different landscapes. Landscapes from mountain regions such as the Sierra Madre, to the Semi-arid plains of Northern Yucatan. The Maya area, which covers Southern and Northern Central of what is known today as Mexico, is divided into 3 zones which are: first, the Southern Maya highlands, second, the Southern, also known as Central, Maya lowlands, and third is the Northern Maya lowlands.

The Mayan civilization was populated (densely), and its culture was dynamic, which had one of the most dynamic societies ever existed in the world. The Mayan culture had many different areas such as the Mayan art, literature, and mathematics. The Mayan civilization is similar to other Mesoamerican civilization, back then and today. Similarities like the land area and the cultures. The Mayan society and culture was just like the agriculture. The agriculture was, and is still sophisticated, and diverse. They have different methods of the production of food. Agriculture was what the Mayans depended on, because it helped with the vast population. This led to one of the theories if the collapse of the civilization. The Mayans had not disappeared, neither did the civilization decline. In this present time, there are still descendants of the...