Why did the status and position of the Jews in Europe worsen in the years 1938 to 1945?

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In this essay I will write about how the status and position of the Jews worsened in 1938 to 1945. In 1933 Hitler came into power. Hitler had some dreadful views about the Jews, he thought they were vermin, maggots, parasites and many more. Hitler had great hatred for the Jews because of their religion, race, and he had a great fear that they were going to try to take over the world.

Since 1938 Hitler built up lots of discrimination and the identification of the Jews such as, anti- Jewish laws and propaganda. Children were also targeted such as in children's book a cartoonist used lots of grotesque pictures. Children were made to stand in front of a black board slogan, which said, "The Jew is our greatest enemy!" school children were made to hate Jews through their textbooks at school. Jewish was also humiliated by making them wear a placard around their necks and then they were made to walk around the streets.

Films in the cinema were also used for anti Semitic propaganda. They used a film called 'The Eternal Jew'. This film was made in 1940. In 1938 the kristallnacht happened. This was when the Nazis launched a government terrorist attack against the Jews. The Kristallnacht was a turning point in the treatment of the Jews because their lives were being destroyed. Their shops and synagogues were getting set on fire. In total over 7,000 Jewish shops and businesses had been ruined. 300 synagogues had been burned down. Two hundred Jews were murdered and 25,000 Jewish men were sent to concentration camps. Jews had a big 'J' put on their passports and were slowly being pushed out of Germany, this shows that the position of the Jews is getting worse.

When the Nazis invaded...