Why did the U.S get involved in Vietnam in the 1950's and 1960's ?

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The U.S involvement was first favoured by the U.S public, but gradually public opinion began to sway from when the first troops were sent in, in 1965 to when it ended in 1974.

The U.S government also favoured the public's first opinion. This was mainly due to during the 1950's, Americans saw Communism as a huge threat to their way of life, a product of this was the 'McCarthy witch hunts' in which there was an up roar of accusations that Communists were in the government and the film industry. There was also the 'cold war' in which the U.S were involved in a arms race with the Communist Soviet Union, this also led to small scacle wars around the world, in which nations backed by and supplied with arms from either of the two superpowers would often fight with their near neighbours. Examples include the Korean War of the 1950's and the Afganistan war of the early 80s.

For decades earlier the French had been trying to control Vietminh territory.

The French were defeated due to Communist help for the Vietminh from Communist China and the Soviet Union, though not before the French asked for U.S help, the U.S refused, though by the end the U.S had completely changed their view, this was because the U.S president, Eisenhower believed in the 'Domino Theory', this was the idea in which the countries of S.E Asia were closely linked so if one fell to Communism, the next would fall the next like a rows of dominoes.

China had a Communist government in 1949, then North Korea and then North Vietnam, the U.S feared if South Vietnam became Communist, Malaya and Burma could be next, So Military advisors and supplies were sent to South Vietnam in order for them over...