Why Do I Have To Grow Up

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Being a little girl was so fun I remember going outside and playing games with my friends. I never cared about how I looked. Now I am older and I try my best to impress certain people. Now I have more responsibilites and jobs to do. I realize now that growing up is a big change in my life.

Being a little girl was easier for example, I was able to play and act silly. I could run around and play games like, hopscotch, jumprope, and play on the monkeybars. Today I would not be able to do anyof these things anymore, I would feel really out of place.

I never had to wory about my looks when I was a little girl. I never even thought I would wear makeup when I was younger. Now that I am older I feel like a clown putting on all this makeup.

Being a little girl was so excitting while it lasted, but now it's time to grow up.

Being a teenager is more difficult. I am always getting pressured by my peers. People I know are always trying to pressure me to do a variety of drugs. I say no, because I don't let peer pressure get to me.

In addition, I have to be more mature now. Since I have more responsibilities I have to be more mature. I am and seventeen and I have a job, and to hold this job I have to show that I am a responsible. Being a teenager is harder than being a little girl, but it's getting me prepared for the future.

I realized that when I was younger it was much more excitting. I was able to be a kid. There were no responsibilities or any worries and problems. I became older and my life became tougher. It's a been a huge change having to grow up.