Why do Mazzini and Marx Support the idea of revolution?

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Why do Mazzini and Marx Support the idea of revolution?

Mazzini and Marx support the idea of revolution because when a society is no longer deemed fit by the people it should be subject to reform. Mazzini supports revolution because he feels the people which make up the majority of society have a right to reform their social and political systems. Marx's ideals are very similar to Mazzini's however Marx's idea is that revolution should be strictly used to transform the current society into a communist society.

Mazzini states,

"Every revolution is the work of a principle which has been accepted as a basis of faith. Whether it invoke nationality, liberty, equality, or religion, it always fulfills itself in the name of a principle, that is to say, of a great truth, which being recognized and approved by the majority of the inhabitants of a country, constitutes a common belief, and sets before the masses a new aim, while authority misrepresents or rejects it."


This statement expresses Mazzini's feelings for why a revolution should occur. Mazzini's "principle" is the reason for revolution and he feels that this "principle" should be understood by a majority of people to be true; if this were not the case it would not be a true revolution and just an uprising. Mazzini explains this by saying that "Without purpose hinted at above, there may be riots, and at time victorius insurrections, but no revolutions." (Mazzini) In short Mazzini supports revolution to reform the current society and better the society for the citizens.

Marx believes in a proletariat revolution which is a revolution by the workingman against the bourgeois (the rich). This belief for revolution only differs slightly from Mazzini's views. Marx's views on revolution have an emphasis on equality as seen through this:...