WHY DO I NEED A COMPUTER IN MY SMALL BUSINESS? The following is an invitation for international merchants to participate in computer technology.

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Professor given condition:The group is composed of family operated import businesses that introduce commercial goods to a country's economy. Goods vary from shoes and toys to plastic basins. Most small business merchants also export native goods (such as Mayan textiles and wooden icons) to countries like the United States. Many operate a store from which merchandise is available to the public and other merchants. While they are almost non-existent in Canada (high import taxes lowers their profit margin), small merchants control large portions of the South American economy. Made up of mostly upper middle class immigrants, they identify themselves through nation specific trade guilds (such as the Guatemala Taiwan Association of Commerce).

Good evening everybody,

You might be asking yourself, what is [student's name] doing up there? Well guys, I'm here to tell you about an idea I have for the Association. You see, a couple of months back I bought a computer for my kid.

He needed one to write essays and school reports. At first, I thought it was the most expensive toy I have ever bought him. I mean, those things are about a thousand dollars. But I love the kid, so I got him one.

Anyway, a few weeks back I needed a few labels made for my business. For those of you that don't know me that well, I export bracelets, purses and balls made out of native fabrics to the United States. So I need labels to go on the outside of the boxes. I asked my kid to help me make some on his computer, since I saw how the things he makes on it are much easier to read than the signs I write by hand. In five minutes he had the thing done. I was more than surprised. But here...