why do people buy brands

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Why do people buy brands?

Brand are inevitable component of modern business, which means a class of products, that serves to determine a certain product and all have particular name, furthermore, all are made by a specific company. Primarily, mission of the brands is to connect two different basic areas of production and consumption, which has a great influence on economy and community. Although, these areas were integrated until the Industrial Revolution (1760 -1840), from that time onwards they have been isolated (Kornberger, 2010: xi). Aside from that, individual consumption happens in a such circumference that there, a social and cultural standards affect enormously and impedes personal consumption. It means that, religious beliefs, cultural values, inherited behaviors, and the economics growth have an impact on buying habits (Chisnall, 1985: 10, 11). In this essay i am going to talk about the reasons why people buy brands.

First I am going to discuss the secret link between brands and the society, after that the reasons why people spend large amount of money on luxury brands, then, brand loyalty, furthermore, mysteriously imprinted brands on our brain, plus examples and lastly conclusion.

According to Martin Kornberger (2010), the issue is that the majority of people use brands in their life, however, the main point is, the nearest objects to us are the most secret and strange. Brands is not only for to meet the demands of human beings. They create our lifestyle, form our life and assist us to display who we are. They demonstrates our attitudes, culture, religion, taste, behavior, priorities, activities, in short your identity. As a fact in the year of 2006, 'Time Magazine' declared most powerful person of the year, 'it was you, yes you', because you compose...