Why Do Some Kids Not Play Soccer

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Algi, Peter (2001,September). Has Soccer Failed to be Accepted by the American Public? [Seven paragraphs]. The Pitch. Available: http://www.thepitch.org/text/a6.htm Initially, football was much the same as soccer. It was described as being a game with mostly kicking and "not throwing or running with the round inflated ball. As the sport evolved it became more and more different from soccer. At first, the game of football was played by the white upper class ivy league college men. Because of the status football required one assumed that football was superior to soccer.

Furthermore, around the turn of the century soccer was considered the sport of the working class immigrants. Obviously, this classification of the sport did not help it evolve into the sport it is today. It was after the World Wars until soccer gained some form of acceptance in the American public. Currently in the United States and in the world, soccer is the most popular sport.

However, the eventual acceptance in America took a while because of the social aspect.

Still today children are told not to play soccer and play football or baseball instead. We as PE teachers need to instill in our children the confidence to play any sport that they want. We need to teach children that it is okay to play soccer. Soccer is a great sport and all children should be allowed to play it.

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