Why do we take risks

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There may be various reasons to why individuals decide to take risks. What is it that draws a person to take risks? Many would argue that it depends to their own personality, but what if there is more to just the personality? Could the desire of taking risks depend on more than just the personality? Even though personality does take a place in risk taking, there are more factors that affect our decision to whether or not to take a risk.

Why do we take risks? Could it be that some people are naturally more likely to take risks than others? What does the need of taking risks depends on? Does it depend on the age? How about personality? Or maybe the social environment that surrounds us? The answers can be varied for each person.

In order to know which of this is more likely to be true, we should first know and understand what a risk is. A risk is defined as "The possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome will happen" (oxford dictionary.com). Risks are a kind of possibility of suffering harm or loss or a situation involving uncertain danger. From the meaning of risk, people can look at risk from different points of view. Some people decide not to take or to deal with risks at all, meanwhile some people do enjoy taking risks because of several reasons as biological factors, getting self-confidence, giving a good impression to the people who surround them, and getting an excitement in their everyday life. Although these reasons are true, the one reason that stands out the most and can be found mostly to be true is that they wish to impress the ones that surround them.