Why do you go on the streets against war?

Essay by sikjuuD+, April 2003

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Why I go on the streets. There is a person, which wants to make war because of personal, economical and emotional reasons. This man lives in a so-called democracy where one person can decide on thousands of lives. If this warlord can?t be stopped, the history of mankind once again goes reverse direction. It must not be that the worlds stability gets out of equilibrate as it is planed. The oil industry has great influence on the current government and it?s obvious, that they take advantage out of this situation to exploit new resources. Of course this seems not true because there have to be giant investments but the maximum oil production rate soon will be reached and after this the oil gets more and more expensive. This could probably cause a worldwide oil crisis.

But instead of trying to solve the problem in its cause, the dependence of oil, the problem is postponed.

Instead of making a bit more investments to escape this dependence they prefer to take the cheaper way. If it really is cheaper we will see. In the meantime Europe with its long history in war and diplomacy tries to prevent this war because it sees the danger. Whereas the USA with its barely 200-year-old history behave like a child who doesn?t see more than the small world it lives in.

To make the Americans see that there is real democracy in other countries and that America isn?t the world I go to demonstrations. America hasn?t learned yet that terror can?t be destroyed martially but diplomatic.