Why do you think people attend college or university?

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The decision of attending university or college can be taken by our parents or by ourselves. Reasons for that are, however, quite different. I will present some of them, which I consider as the most important.

The first of all causes for going to college is the impact of parents, whole family or even the society. Our future plans are very often made by our parents, who feel sometimes too responsible for our life. Knowing that we should accept all their decicions or being assumed that they want to do all their can for us and they want only tthe best things, we try not to argue with them. Besides, after some time, we agree with them that the education is the most important component of our life and we should invest in it all our money, talents and time.

The quite diferent reasons for attending university are raised, when we make a decision.

The grounds of our behaviour can be of two natures: the tradition and rules, which have been inculcate in us from a very young age or our feeling of independence and self prospering of our life. Of course, the second example is better for us and our comfort.

If we go to university or college because of our wish of increasing knowledge or preparing for the career, which are often the most important grounds of that fact, we can be profoundly proud of ourselves. It shows that we are old enough to be the master of our life. Although we might have problems while studying, which can be difficult to overcame nad cope with, we are absolutely sure that we will never regret our decision.

The last reason for attending university, which in my opinion is the most famous one, is the ability to meet...