Why is doping in sports hazardous to our society?

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If you are asked to answer the question why you like sports, you'll probably say it's entertaining, it gets you stirred up, or it will let you have some thrilling sensation. In order to create this thrilling sensation for the spectators and for athletes as well, some athletes begin to turn to performance-enhancing drugs. Or they use the doping substances and doping methods to beat their opponents. Yet, in so doing, they have posed enormous hazards to their health and to our society.

Firstly, we know that the Olympic motto is "Faster, Higher, and Stronger". But the use of doping substance violates this motto and harms the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Besides, almost all the performance-enhancing drugs have side effects that can harm the health or may cause death to athletes. Sometimes this side effect is not immediately felt, but will gradually eat up the body. Athletes should realize that the possible risk of acute illness or long-term consequence is not worth the short-term gain.

Secondly, if the doping practice in sports could not be stopped, more and more athletes would use drugs and become dependent. This in turn would damage the sportsmanship and the Olympic creed. It would no longer make sports a fair competition. In that case, more athletes would resort to cheating in order to win, and the sports ground would become an arena of foul play.

Thirdly, steroids can make abusers aggressive and hostile for no reason at all. There have been cases of murder due to steroid use. In Sydney, Australia, a twenty-nine year-old male body builder beat his wife to death by repeatedly hitting her with a hammer. He then shot himself through the head. This instance shows that the use of doping substance can deprive a person of his...