Why is dropping out of school a bad idea?

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Why is dropping out of school a bad idea?

Does someone have a future if they do not stay in school? Education is the only way to someone can get ahead in life. Education is the only way you can better your life in society today. It allows you not only to get a good job and to be respected in the community for what you have achieved. If you want to live the good life, it would be bet not to drop out of school. As the prices of things go up, you will need more money to live and then consider supporting yourself and a family. Education is what sets you free to be anything you want to be Even though school isn't for everyone, is it a good idea to drop out of school ("Dropping out of College")?

One reason in which students decide to drop out of school is because they don't have enough money to afford it.

There are a lot of families that can't pay for their child's college tuition even while in high school; these families earn the minimum salary. In other circumstances are only able to pay college for one member of the family. Public universities are the cheapest universities, but not all students have a chance to get into the university.

Also when students get a good job, they prefer to work at their job instead of Usually they get a job while they are studying too. After a while, they find out that they prefer working instead of studying. It is difficult for them to leave their job because they need money. Sometimes they find out that they will have a better future by working than studying.

Another reason why students don't finish high school is because...