On why Electoral College should be eliminated

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Electoral College Elimination act:

The Framers of the Constitution created the Electoral College for fear that the uneducated rabble would destroy the essence of poplar sovereignty by making unwise votes. But in what is called the information age we live in now, there shouldn't be any excuse of not being educated enough to vote. Therefore, I propose this bill to banish the Electoral College out of the constitution. The Electoral College, as we all know, is really the ultimate decider of who claims the presidency. In the last election, the people's choice was Al Gore. But instead of concurring with the people, the Electoral College chose the candidate with fewer votes, George Bush. And George Bush, as we are all aware of, or so says the media, is not as competent as his opposing candidate, Al Gore. So this was really an uneducated decision on the electoral college's part.

The will of the people is what counts in a popular, democratic election. As New York Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, declared:"We are a very different country than we were 200 years ago, I strongly believe that in a democracy, we should respect the will of the people, and to me that means it's time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president." The electoral college gives too much power to the states, in fact, the Electoral College actually lets the states choose whoever they want to be the President. It keeps the selection of the President in the hands of the states, not the people. The president is chosen, not by the voters directly, but by the electors. And the electors are free to vote for any candidate they choose. Which makes this whole voting process a big empty performance,