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Why is Email popular?

E mail has become a popular way to communicate all over the globe. In the past century people did not have this useful and reliable way to communicate and they sent letter or made phone calls all the time. The technology is improving in way of communication and has come up with computer which can be used to send emails. E mail has become popular by its essential use which is more reliable in our time. E mail is known to be cheap, fast, easy and satisfying way of communicating.

Why is it cheap? In the past years we hardly had e mails and so people used phones and letters as a way of communicating. These two ways are not as cheap as e mails. For instance calling outside the blonde can be expensive to almost everyone. Also sending letters there has to be a stamp stating that it is paid for.

Sending e mail is free all needed is a computer to access internet. Some website like yahoo, hotmail are the most popular site to access that offers free e mails to the registered members.

E mail is also known to be the fastest and easiest way to send messages to the loved one or to the businesses institute. To send email the sender must first type the information in a computer he/she can decide whether to save the messages or send it immediately. Once e mail is sent it only takes seconds to be received if the receiver is online. For example I use email to chat with my cousins. I automatically saved their name on my server and once they are online, I can see their name and send them e mails which only take a second to receive.

Sending e mails also...