why everyone does not need to go to college

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Why everyone does not need to go to college

Almost all students have heard this from there parents or elders through the years, "if you ever want to make anything of yourself when you get older you have to graduate college and get your degree." Although these parents and elders are only trying to give us the best and open the most doors for us this statement is not always true. There are many ways out there in this world to make something of yourself if you are willing to work hard and apply yourself. In general there are three ways anyone can go; self-employment, non-college career, and college prepared careers.

Firstly one can go the route of being self-employed. This is not the easiest way; it involves long hours, hard work, and most of all self-motivation. These are those people that see a need for a product or service in the consumer market and feel that they can bring this to the consumer quickly, efficiently, and most of all, at a profit to themselves.

On average only three out of ten businesses stay in business for more than a year. This is due to countless reasons such as bad ideas, large start up costs, poor judgment, and loss of interest. Like any of the other possibilities, this one route is not for everyone.

Secondly, there is the non-college career route. This category would include construction, military, office workers, and any other job that would not require a college degree to receive an entry-level position. The military might be the best example in this category. It offers everything and anything one would want to do in the real world but you do it for the military instead of for civilians. There are also many branches of the...