Why Excursions Are Important?

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Excursions with Primary School Students


Excursions with Primary School Students


The traditional method of teaching students only in a class room environment has become something of the past. Nowadays children need to explore and experience what they are being thought. The only way to do so is by making them visit places according to their curriculum. This can be done by excursions.

This paper shall take under consideration the value of school excursion, the important areas and how it encourages learning and socialization.


Value and relevancy

Cultural And Vocational Goals

Apart from this excursions can help students understand their culture, like visiting museums and art galleries. This gives students a chance to witness their own culture on their own. They may even get to explore the different facets of their culture, which they thought was something ordinary when they read about it in their course books (Atyeo 1939).

According to James (2009) they even help students to realize which vocational goals they want to follow. Like students may want to become a botany student after visiting a botanical garden. They may even decide to become vets after visiting a zoo. Thus, the relevancy and value of school excursions leys in the fact that it encourages localization, helps students to understand their culture and assist them in selecting a suitable vocational goal.

The importance of providing essential life experiences and seeing something


The fact that students get to experience what they have learned in their classroom, make excursions something of great value. These days children want to explore something new; through excursion this need is fulfilled. According to Falk and Dierking (2000) When students visit places like museums or manufacturing factories they get to experience...