Why fix what isnt broken? Why the Drinking age should be lowered to 18

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Why Fix What Isn't Broken?

As recently as a few months ago our leaders made a dumb decision to go to war with Iraq. This is not the first nor the last. The capitalist, imperialist government has made other horrible decisions. That includes changing the drinking age to 21. What were they thinking? They obviously made the wrong choice along with capitalism.

At 18 you are a legal adult. One can do many adult things. Getting married is exciting, and can happen when you are 18. This is a serious life choice, and determines the course of the rest of ones life. Marrying an evil individual can have great adverse consequences. She can beat you, and take your money. Then take more money. Good thing they love kids. By being married you promise the rest of your life to one individual. And you cannot even enjoy some champagne at the reception? What is this crap?

Another privilege of legal adult hood it the purchase of a firearm.

The second amendment clearly states that you have the legal right to a firearm. These firearms, though exciting, kill people. But an 18 year old can have one. Multiple firearms actually. They can be used for hunting, killing, target shooting, a range of activities. These 18 year old can be trusted to do the right thing in that life threatening situation, but lo and behold, they cannot use alcohol.

Next an 18 year old can join the military. This peculiar institution can kill someone. It can force a young man, to die. No coming back. The ability to be forced to die for their county should at least coincide with alcohol privileges. More over they can force labor out of you. They also, send you to a faraway land, unable to see...