Why Fizzy Drinks Are Unhealthy

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Scientists have proven that soda's are bad for your health. Fizzy drinks reduce the calcium in your bones. Fizzy drinks all contain a lot of sugar which is very bad for your teeth and health. Coke is a fizzy drink most people drink at least once a day.

There is a lot of caffeine in Coke. This unhealthy drink contains, phosphoric and acid, sugar and artificial sweetener. The caffeine in Coke is addictive, the Coca-Cola company has gradually increased the amount of caffeine it puts in Coke. Coke also contains a lot of sugar. There are many theories that Pepsi contains less artificial flavorings and less caffeine.

Coke is so popular that some shops sell nothing else but Coke. Other shops only sell goods with the Coke label. No other company has been as successful as Coca-Cola in marketing its products. Coke is in almost every part of the world.

All the ingredients can be found in most countries. All of the ingredients are not healthy.

Many people think a reason people like Coke so much is that it reminds them of America. Most people also like sweet drinks. Coke contains a lot of sugar.

Sugar is bad for your health because it is a highly "polluting substance". There are many theories that sugar reduces your life span considerably. Sugar "pollutes" your cells, it is also very bad for your skin.