why French Regional Languages should be taught in schools

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The issue of whether Regional Languages should be taught in French schools in France has been widely debated in France recently, it is important, because it concerns fundamental moral and cultural question about the heritage of the French people.

This essay will consider arguments in favor for that Regional language should be taught in French Schools in France, and will also outline some of the problems associated with this position. The advantages and disadvantages of Regional Languages will be used to answer the pros and cons arguments for and against Regional languages in France. The aim of this essay is to provide a detailed and comprehensive treatment of Regional languages in France, it is to enlighten the readers about the Pros and Cons of Regional languages if they are being taught in Schools.

The official Language of the French Republic is French, Article 2 of the French constitution and the French government is by law, compelled to communicate primarily in French.

The government furthermore mandates the commercial, advertising be available in French. The French government however does not mandate the use of French by private individuals or corporations or in any other media (Wikipedia). The traditional view of France, in terms of language is that of a monolingual country. In fact, very few people outside France know that over 70 languages are currently listed as languages of France (Cerquiqlini 1999).And that would qualify for the recognition under the government's proposed ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. 24 of these Languages are indigenous to the European territory of the States, Whiles all the others are from overseas areas of the French Republic. Just to mention a few Regional Languages in France and they are as follows, Germanic, Flemish, Catalan, Occitan, Corsicia, Arabic, Basque, Breton,