Why genetic engeneering is bad. An opinion paper

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To some people, genetic engineering is a hope of new beginnings, looking for such problems as the shortage of organs, to which the perspective would be positive and mostly everyone would be looking forward for the day that genetic engineering would save their love ones lives or their own. People see what they want to see, and not even knowing the great risks that come with genetic engineering, to such as the risk of health and other lives. The issue that is in everybody's mind is, should we use genetic engineering? On my opinion we shouldn't, there is too much as we human beings have to loose, our dignity as having full control of our self because as soon that society will start accepting genetic engineering, what would be next? Would we abuse the power that we have created by taking advantage of the technology? Would we use genetic engineering as a form of a weapon? There is a strong possibility that we may proceed to that step, thus knowing our human nature, the abusing of power.

Plants are heavily depending on us, surviving thru the years by our technology, but soon that won't be that essential since the genes of plants are being altered constantly. For example, tomatoes are sensitive to frost. This shortens their growing season. Fish, on the other hand, survive in very cold water. Scientists identified a particular gene which enables a flounder to resist cold and used the technology of genetic engineering to insert this "anti-freeze" gene into a tomato. This makes it possible to extend the growing season of the tomato. Thus, increasing the possibilities of survival on the tomato. People would think this is a good thing but there's always a downfall to good things for example, Insects, birds, and wind can carry...