Why Globalization is a Necessary Progression for Us.

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When one hears the term globalization in any context there comes along various thoughts which begin with protests on the WTO and leading to the diffusing of national culture, politics, and products world wide. However, globalization is such a broad topic that deals with dozens of fields and I can best describe it as the de-nationalizing and modifying to a worldwide scheme. As this is the basis of globalization, I will not delve into why Globalization is a necessary progression for us to make our world more efficient and safer for us all. I will break up the essay into the benefits of globalization to the economy, politics, culture, and safety.

First, it is clear that a globalized economy is beneficial to most all players involved in the game. Obviously, there are always winners in every game; however, one must realize that the general outcome of and open-ended market is efficiency.

America and the EU are criticized heavily for their unfair treatment of developing markets in regards to agricultural products; however, it is also these countries, which tax products coming in from the more developed markets. Globalization is a necessary evil in my opinion as there is no stopping its movement and all that can be done is to mold it to a more successful system. Globalization allows the better and cheaper product to succeed in the world market, as it should. When taxes and subsidies are eventually removed in the world market we will see an almost perfect market where politics are removed from trade and the consumer gets the product at the best price.

Regarding politics, I believe that without a doubt Globalization allows for a safer and peaceful world. As communication through various means advances, governments will resort to more talk and less action. WW 2 taught...