"Why a Graduate Degree?"

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"Why a Graduate Degree?"

Why MBA? Why me? It is easy to see why. Online MBA courses offer incredible convenience; unlike a traditional classroom environment I do not have waste my time commuting or looking for classrooms. I can earn my degree while I can earn a living with a perfect work-life balance. Other key benefits are making more money, making myself more marketable and networking.

The flexibility provided by online learning courses fit my busy life like a glove. I do not have to commute back and fourth to school, I make my own schedule and everything is in the comfort of my house.

According Graduate Management Admissions Council's (GMAC) "Global MBA Survey 2002": "Overall, the typical graduate earned $48,000 before entering the MBA program and now expects to earn $75,000 in the first job after graduation--a 56% increase." As well as many other employers my company is also a keen supporter of retaining the talent.

I am having full corporate tuition reimbursement so the school is costing me nothing and on top of that average salary increase expectance is %56. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Complicated degrees like E-Business, Global Management increase chances of getting recruited in a more competitive market. Global companies are looking for trained personnel to transfer overseas even with more competitive salaries.

Networking becomes another key factor recently. Talking about competitive markets, it is still "who you know" gets you the job. It is imperative to build trustworthy relationships that can serve us throughout our business career.

Besides the salary increase, being marketable and networking I must say convenience made it all happen. If I had to physically go to school with this life tempo, I could have never done it. Thank you internet.