Why had the treatment of Jews become so harsh by 1938?

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Why had the treatment of Jews become so harsh by 1938? Use Sources A, B and C. and your own knowledge, to explain your answer.

By 1938 many rights had been taken away from Jews and the persecution was increasing. In 1933 SA turned people away from Jewish shops. In 1934 they were forced to leave government jobs but Hindenburg made an exception for Jews who had been involved in World War I. After Hindenburg died Hitler stepped up the persecution, this was one reason why treatment of Jews was so harsh by 1938.

The Nuremberg laws passed in 1935 (source A) were very harsh on Jews and by 1938 many of them were being implemented. The withdrawal of citizenship, the right to "vote or hold public office" was a reason why the treatment of Jews became so harsh because there were no influential Jews and no one to stand up to or question the Nazi's and their treatment of Jews.

By 1938 Hitler was more confident as Germany was in a strong position in Europe and he withdrew the remaining rights. This certainty that there would be no opposition to the treatment of Jews was a reason why it became so harsh.

Kristallnacht was a turning point in the persecution of the Jews because it was ordered by the government. In source C the vandalism: "Jewish shops may be burned" is ordered by the German officials and they are also told that "the police must not interfere". This meant that the Jews had no one to turn to for help and was a reason why the treatment became so harsh.

After Kristallnacht Jews were sent to concentration camps such as in source B. The public parading of Jews and slogans such as "the removal of the Jews" showed the public that persecution was encouraged by the government and was a reason why the treatment of the Jews became so harsh. There were many reasons why treatment of the Jews became so harsh by 1938, the main one being that Hitler felt more confident and increased the persecution.