Why isn't America Patriotic?(Includes quotes from numerous groups and dicusses the USA Patriot)

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Why isn't America Patriotic?

There is a day America lost its freedom that many Americans have fought to keep sacred. This day was on October 26, 2001. George W. Bush signed the USA Patriot Act, which broadly expands the powers of federal law enforcement agencies investigating cases involving foreign intelligence and international terrorism. This act was passed to help prevent terrorism in the United States of America. It was intended to protect the rights of U.S. citizens but instead infringes upon them. We can no longer depend on the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution (Weyrich)

The Patriot Act is a violation of our civil rights. It invades our privacy in many ways and goes against several of our existing amendments. There are numerous movements throughout America to modify this act in hope of reclaiming our freedoms. The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization that is gaining popularity and has filed numerous lawsuits challenging the Patriot Act in hope to bring forth justice.

There is a new act called the Safe Act. The Safe Act modifies the Patriot Act and will prevent the Patriot Act from becoming more intrusive on our civil rights. The Patriot Act lacks some important provisions and the Safe Act provides stronger standards for judicial review and oversight (Farrell). For example, it makes a search without a warrant or demonstration of probable cause much harder to obtain in hopes of reducing the incidents and keeping our constructional right of privacy alive. If passed, the Safe Act's reforms should go a long way toward convincing the American public that the powers of the Patriot Act are less likely to be abused in the long-run (Farrell).

Americans agree with the Patriot Act for a variety of different reasons. A member of the United States Supreme...