Why is the Issue of Gender Important/unimportant in Understanding International Politics?

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Women are amazing creaturesMoulded with dazzling featuresWomen are an object of mysteryHave their own place in historyWomen are more vulnerable stratum of the society. Providing their rights, political, social involvement and improving all these aspects of women's lives, is the main condition of successful society and state. The issue of gender is not a new phenomenon in international politics. It is coming over the years, decades. The short poem given above describes us women as women. Nowadays it rarely concerns to the women. Alterations in the society deeply influence to the problems of gender. In order to survive, the women have to force into all spheres of social life: business, politics and even military staffs. The aim of this research paper is to show the problems and obstacles that women face in the international political process. Also raising awareness about the present status of women in the society.

According to dictionary of International relations: "gender - in common with other branches of the social sciences and humanities…" In most countries there are a lot of negative and sometimes discriminative understandings about the role of woman.

This makes feelings about the women of their disadvantages in the society. At the time of scientific, technical and informative progress men have always been in the dominant places. This is a tangible understanding, because the men are accustomed to being seen in all spheres of working field. Even here men are more indispensable than women. It is hard for women to find a good job, and the raising of their unemployment is obvious. Women always face with difficulties in finding any job corresponding with their specialties after graduating universities. From nature, women are the mothers and the same time; have to care about their own family. While the masculine part of the society is...