Why Listen To Music ?

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Why listen to music We all listen to music for various reasons. It affects our mood. Sometimes it makes us happy; sometimes it makes us sad. We usually listen to music whose tune matches with the mood and feelings we have at that time. Music is in many ways the soundtrack of our lives and playing or listening to music can bring back memories and feelings that are long gone. Listening to music is a way to create new memories to share with our children and our friends. It's a way for long-married couples to remember when they were new to each other.

The primary reason we all listen to music is that it makes us feel good. For example, when one is sad, he chooses to listen to soft and lugubrious tunes that also reflects his mood and helps him to feel better.

Music also adds peacefulness to our surroundings.

The jarring sound of television or harsh sound of an alarm clock reminds us of disturbing sound can be. But sweet and mellifluous music helps us to relax, soothes our mind and helps us to ease our tensed and burdened minds. And this is also confirmed by modern scientific studies, which show that relaxing to music can have significant psychological benefits.

Listening to music also helps one to hone one's attentiveness and also brings orderliness and rhythm in one's daily chores. Also music helps to reduce violence in behavior. And finally music helps to increase one's communicative and cognitive skills.