Why was Louis executed in January 1793?

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Why was Louis executed in January 1793?

Some historians believe that Louis had to be executed for one main reason. That being that he might be the focus of future counter revolutionary events; even if he was imprisoned or exiled the counter revolutionary groups might use him as a means to reverse the revolution.

However some historians believe that the reason Louis was executed because people in the new government wanted him to be. Robespierre, Danton and Marat all, supporting the Montagnards, favoured to send the ex-King to trail and then on to execution. With these main figures wanting the king to be taken out of the picture the possibility of this occurring was very high.

Another reason would be that France was entering into a republic after the failures of the constitutional monarchy. The failures of the constitutional proved that it would not be suitable to keep the monarchy no matter how restricted it was.

No matter how strong the limitations the weakest part of the system would be where there was someone with power over everyone else with no other way for that person to be controlled.

Another reason why Louis was executed was because of the trouble that Louis actions caused the people of France. Because of his own inflexibility, Louis decisions did not allow France to progress either economically, financially or industrially. Also the way in which he listened to both his wife and his sister and his use of the veto, by which he incensed the French nation also would have caused people to dislike him.

The economic troubles and political troubles exacerbated the existing tensions between the people and Louis, making them more likely to want to punish him more severely. This also would have swayed the votes taken in the assembly along with the threat from

The victory of the French over the Prussian at Valmy, created a tinted view of the new convention. A good omen was presumed about it because of the victory at Valmy. This victory at Valmy also had other effects on France. This was that it reversed the threat to Paris from the Prussians and the Austrians, the future looked brighter for France. A bad thing for Louis was that it seemed to justify the revolution. The fight for liberty, equality and fraternity seemed to be succeeding. This also would mean that it made it look like the Monarch was no longer needed. Therefore Louis had to be killed.

I believe that the reason that Louis was murdered could not be put down to any one of the these things. It is a culmination of all of the events because each of the events is linked and start by the one that preceded it.

By Alex Bennett