Why i love college life?

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Well, I would be a mealy-mouthed if I started talking about the college activities I love and things like that. Why? Because at this point I don't have a clue about how my college life will evolve. What I m going to do though, is describe you what are the things I've heard and loved about it, like meeting new people, clubbing and how the hall experience benefits you.

Firstly, in college you have the opportunity to meet different kind of people. I mean people that they differ in culture, religion and in any other characteristics you can think of. People you can exchange your opinion with, in many subjects and matters. That way you get open-minded and don't forget the most important. You get socialized. Some of the students I've talked with have told me that in college you make the greatest friendships ever. That's one of the things I love most, because I really appreciate true friendships.

Well, I certainly don't love the study procedure but it's a thing that I can't do without. And the reason that I mention this is that the opposite of studying is definitely clubbing and every other activity that entertains you. And as you understand, events in clubs, organised for the amusement of college students, is something that I adore in college life. There you can also get to meet people but because of the environment in these kinds of places, you can't really talk too much. But it surely helps students feeling comfortable with each other and not like they are strangers in an unfamiliar place.

And last but not least, is that my college life will fill me not only with knowledge through the courses I will attend, but with experiences too that will help me in life...