Why Are Many People Fascinated With Extraterrestrial Life?

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Why are so many people fascinated with extraterrestrial life? One of the most logical answers to this question comes from the bible and our existence. Another answer is hormones in the brain and the affect our interests. The possibility that life besides our race exists in the universe intrigues many because it is an unanswered phenomenon. We enjoy the scare of thinking that there could be aliens out there with ten times the technology that our world has to offer. David Treybig says, "Interest in contact with aliens is not just the grist of science fiction but a real-life passion for many devoted to the search for other life forms."

July 4, 1947 was a day when alien space craft allegedly landed in Roswell, New Mexico, better known as Area #51. A newspaper frightened millions by stating aliens were invading the earth. The government responded to the assumptions by saying it was merely a downed weather balloon.

Years later after still being questioned, the government changed their story by saying the aliens were test dummies. We hear all kinds of similar stories to the first supposed alien aircraft crash.

Some area #51 government documents convince many that aliens actually landed here on earth. John Edger Hoover, government official responds to one of the letters addressed to him about aliens. The writer brings to his attention something he had witnessed. He quotes, " A disc 30.5" in diameter, circular in shape, it is dished like a saucer and actually there is a saucer within a saucer in the manner of cymbals.....There is an object on it similar to electric coil which has some type of an arm on it and bears the words "Inspected TS"..... _____ _____ stated that if this were the work of some prankster, he went...