why marijuana should be legalized

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There are many skeptics that are very against the legalization of marijuana in their specific state. I on the other hand believe that marijuana should be legalized throughout the country. Marijuana is very beneficial in many different ways. Marijuana really does not have any harmful effects to it. Marijuana can benefit so many different people in positive ways and help our economy in the United States.

Marijuana should be legalized not only for medical use but also for recreational use. I believe that it should be monitored and only be legal to use when you reach the age of 18. Marijuana has no recorded deaths due to its use and is still an illegal substance. As opposed to the legal drugs that are alcohol, tobacco, and Prescription drugs that cause hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. There is no such thing as overdosing on marijuana and it causes no harm to your body and actually can help improve your lungs.

Marijuana is a huge medical drug that helps with a lot of problems. You can use marijuana to stop and deplete the eye disease that is glaucoma. Not only will it help that but medical marijuana will also help with nausea which is great for people that have to go through chemo therapy. Medical marijuana also helps with muscle tension and muscle spasms. It also can be used to improve appetite for people that have diseases that effect and lessen their appetite.

If marijuana became legal it would help the economy immensely. With the legalization of the drug the government would be able to tax it and sell it and make millions of dollars from it as there is a huge market for distribution of marijuana throughout the states. Not...