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My whole life I used to be the tall, lanky scrawny kid around town. The push-over, the semi-popular rebel who everyone used to make fun of and use for laughs or favors. "No more!" This is what I told myself after visiting a big school in a little town, when I decided that I'm done being everyone's bitch. I flunked out in 7th grade and I guess that's where you could say all my problems and troubles in life started. I was shipped off to an all male military academy in Delafield, Wisconsin called St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (SJNMA). Now, when I arrived at the school, the no hazing rule had really just been put into effect, so people pretty much just turn their heads when they saw it and no one really got in any sort of trouble for hazing another cadet. Anyways, being the little scrawny push-over mama's boy that I was, I never would have thought that I would ever make it through a whole year at the school.

After several months passed I was still the biggest P.O.S.* there. I would do whatever I could to get out of even the most simple of tasks. I have an athletic induced asthmatic problem so I would always be faking an asthma attack to get out of strenuous work.

One day my 6 foot 7 inch Platoon Sergeant, Lopez Portillo or LP, came into my room, kicked my roommate out and closed the door behind him. He had me get on the floor in the ready position, push-up position, and pump out a couple then he continuously kicked me in my stomach as he barked out orders at me to do more. After doing about 20-30 more he had me stand at attention and he looked...