Why the media should be used in every way to further school education.

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In this essay I will tell you why I believe that all forms of media are a good idea

to use in the form of teaching tools. A man enforces this belief and makes me believe it

even more and his name is Henry Jenkins.

First and foremost not all aspects of the media are good teaching tools.

Pornography isn't a good tool for kids but that can be controlled with parental controls

or quite simply good monitoring on the parents part. An example of the media teaching

kids something useful is violence in tv shows and movies. Yes, believe it or not this is

very useful. Watching these types of things with our kids and telling them that it is just

a movie and that kind of behavior is wrong we teach them right from wrong and also

show them that kind of behavior is only meant for the realm of tv fantasy.

Now I know that a lot of people blame video games for some of kids bad

behaviors or for the increase of violence in the youth of our country but I don't believe

it. Games are just a form of entertainment for our children. Most games come with

violence ratings on the box not to mention it has been shown that video games develop

hand/eye coordination and that helps in careers such as doctors and surgeons. It gives

them steady hands and precision with instruments that is essential to such people

especially surgeons.

Some media is included in the current school curriculum but Jenkins believes

that media studies "should be the heart and soul of American education." Using every

aspect of the media is not a bad thing so long as we teach the children how to use it to

expand their own creative ideas...