Why MMA should not be banned

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Evan McMorran-Carre

AP English 3

The Importance of Mixed Martial Arts and why it should not be banned

There are many great benefits in Mixed Martial Arts, although some would disagree with this statement. Mixed Marital Arts is an extremely beneficial tool, not only for the mind, body and spirit. but it also serves as a self defense mechanism to use in the real world if presented with a given situation in which a person would need to protect themselves. MMA has a good reputation in general; however, there are a select few that would like to see MMA banned as they believe it is a form of "human cockfighting." MMA should not be banned because it provides four essential elements in life, which include discipline, physical fitness, self defense as well as boosting one's confidence.

It is almost impossible to train in the field of Martial Arts without discipline.

One needs discipline to continue the repetitive training as they strive to learn the required moves. One needs discipline to control one's anger against an opponent when losing. It starts out on the mat, but that self discipline is very important as it will cross over into other areas of life, such as school studies, chores at home and eventually into your work life. (FamilyValues). Martial Arts will also teach a person discipline in regards to respect. Not only does the trainee need to show respect and honor to their Sensei, but they must also be respectful to others in class. Martial Arts challenges a person to go beyond the level of their abilities and in doing so they have a greater respect for themselves. which results is an overall positive attitude toward life in general.

Martial Arts focuses on physical self defense and this is where the physical...