Why My Car Sucks

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Why My Car Sucks Some people have lots of money to fix their cars when things go wrong. But because I am unemployed, and I have no funds, my car is slowly getting worse. Luckily my mechanic dad fixes things to keep the car running. Little problems make my car suck. First, the exterior and interior flaws are practically endless, and I have got scratches on both the front and rear windshields which makes it hazardous to see, especially at night. The gas tank lid never shuts. It always pops open then I have to ask myself, "Did I put the gas cap back on?" I have a fog light on the front end that likes to hang and hit the thousands of Hemet dips. Most annoying, however, is my passenger seat that does not like to lock into place. Every time I hit either the gas or brake pedal the seat moves, and it moves fast.

Thank God for seatbelts. These problems only flatter the harassing performance problems that accompany this cursed car. This stupid car cannot drive a straight line even if I'm drunk (that was pure sarcasm) it constantly pulls to the right. Then, of course, there is the glorious driver's side window. I need help every time I want to roll it all the way up because the inefficient axle is bent. No matter how often I get the tires rotated the tires wear unevenly, I even have them filled always at the correct PCI. Maybe it has something to do with the pulling to the right, but I get alignments done three to four times a year. My dad has put in more than two thousand dollars on the cooling system alone. He has replaced two thermostats, a radiator, all the system's hoses, a...