Why My Favorite Show Is Horrible

Essay by RophopsCollege, UndergraduateA, November 2014

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Let me preface this essay by saying that I love the show RWBY. It is actually my favorite show at the moment, but I'll be the first to admit that it does have some massive problems. From unimportant characters stealing the spotlight and inconsistent characterization to problematic behaviors and queerbaiting, RWBY is not exactly difficult to criticize.

Let's start with Jaune. Here we have a background character who frequently takes over the show for no apparent reason. His plotline is not in any way relevant to the show and yet it keeps resurfacing. In the first volume, he had a complete arc full of development, while the four protagonists where still very flat and lacking. In the newer volume, not only were his scenes meaningless, but also often offensive, as you can see if you pay attention to his interactions with one of the main characters, Weiss. He spends an alarmingly large portion of volume two repeatedly asking her out and bothering her even after she has made it excessively clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

Actions like this are actually a big problem in modern society, because men are always bothering women without end, thinking that their saying no actually means yes. Even worse, Weiss is actually chastised, and by another female character at that, for saying no, with the line "And that is why they call you the ice queen," (Rooster Teeth). To make it worse, the whole thing is played off for laughs. Many men nowadays seem to think they have a right to women and their bodies, and it's scenes like this that are the reason why. Jaune only stops bothering Weiss after he sees her with another guy, which only reflects further on his stupidity since there was nothing going on...