Why Odysseues is a hero in "The Odyssey".

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In Webster's English Dictionary, a hero is described as a person of exceptional bravery or a person admired for superior qualities and achievements. A hero can be a person who saves lives, helps others, or a person who stands up to someone or something, who the person has no chance against. In Homers, "The Odyssey" Odysseus is recognized as a hero because he has done many things to earn this respect. Odysseus has used his intelligence to save his men from Cyclops and the sirens, his courageousness to save his men from Circe and the sirens, and he also shows responsibility towards his men when he saves them from Circe and Cyclops. Odysseus is recognized as a hero as he illustrates intelligence, bravery, and responsibility.

Odysseus is considered one of the great Greek heroes and one of those reasons is his cleverness. Odysseus wisely tricked Cyclops, when he is asked what his name is, he responds by saying "My name is Nobody" (285).

Odysseus cleverly predicted that Cyclops would ask him this question. This is later on revealed that the name 'Nobody' he told Cyclops, was his scheme. When they attack Cyclops, Cyclops calls out to his neighbors, that nobody is attacking him. The neighbour Cyclops' think that Polyphemus is talking in his sleep "If nobody is attacking you, you must be dreaming" (286). This allows Odysseus and his men to advance forward to the next step in their plan. When Odysseus and his men are trying to escape from Cyclops, he comes up with the idea to hold on to the sheep from their bellies, so the wounded Cyclops would not catch them. The sailors are holding on to the biggest sheep and Odysseus is hanging on to the largest ram. Cyclops did not notice them exiting, leaving Cyclops...