Why Penn and I are a Perfect Fit

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Despite my lifetime familiarity with Penn, I didn't appreciate my "fit" for the school until I spent time on campus. Penn's Multicultural Open House and Philadelphia Program were a breathtaking and magical experience for me. As a Chinese and Vietnamese-American, I seek a school with a diverse student body and a commitment to academic excellence. Penn offers both. The multicultural campus will enable me to meet people of different backgrounds and to learn from their varying perspectives. After my birth in the United States, I attended a high school with less than 5% Asian students. Emerged in American culture, my ethnic roots are sometimes unclear. Although my taste in music and film is decidedly American, my personality and values clearly reflect my Asian heritage: I respect my elders, excel in math and sciences and enjoy a competitive and diligent nature. Deep in my heart, I often wonder if I am American, Asian or both.

Penn's Asian Pacific Student Coalition is a perfect opportunity to explore my ethnic roots.

As a future physician, I am attracted to Penn's demonstrated commitment to scientific research. During Mr. Carl Rosen's presentation, I learned about Penn's renowned professors, unique academic characteristics and challenging dual degree programs. Since early childhood, I dreamed of becoming a pediatrician who helped children recover from serious illnesses. A dual degree in biology and chemistry will provide excellent preparation for the rigors of medical school. With my aggressive nature and strong self-motivation, I am well-prepared for the challenges of a dual curriculum.

As a musician, my final enticement was the rhythmic chant of Penn's marching band on a chilly Saturday morning. "P-E-N-N…PENN…P-E-N-N…PENN…" As they marched toward Franklin Field, cheering for the football game against Columbia, the band members inspired strong feelings of nostalgia. I longed for my days in the school band, when I relieved my stress by blowing into my saxophone. Through my training as a musician, I developed the self-discipline, patience, dedication and time management skills that continue to enrich my life. At Penn, I will join the band's ceremonial march toward Franklin Field, playing my beloved saxophone to showcase my school pride. When I throw toast down the field at halftime, I will share one of Penn's richest, most long-standing traditions.