why people cant save money

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Bhagyesh Patel

Professor Miller

English 086

July 18, 2014

Saving money is really easy. Some people are really good at saving money and know the difference between wants and needs. But for the people who can't save money saving is really hard. Wants and need, people who cannot budget, no income are things that cause people to not save money.

First of all, some people purchase things they want instead of things they need. They buy useless things just because their friends have it or just because they want to look like they have money. It's hard to satisfy needs over a long time because things and stuff get boring after a while. We need challenges and new adventures things to do. You can be happy with a video game for a while but once you beat it you need more games and better systems. Also a lot of people like to buy branded stuff because they think that it's only good if it's branded and they don't like fake stuff or anything that's not really branded like shoes or cloths and that's why people waste a lot of money.

Furthermore, people can't budget and some just don't have a budget. When you don't have a budget you don't care about the price and how much you spend and all you want to do is spend all your money on things that you see or like. Some people want to budget but they just don't know how to and when someone does make it budget they would normally break it and spend all of their money again like before. Budgeting is hard because you have to be able to keep it going like every day and know what you are doing. When people budget they save a lot of money...