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Why study policing history.

I believe that to value the study of policing history is to appreciate where the present policing stand today (i.e. I believe the history of policing offers us a positive perspective and how we have embraced present policing values via interpretations of the past and establishing meanings through the researching of historical documentations left by people of other times and places.) It further emphasises that our policing protection have emerged and altered compared to the past policing, to offer enhanced and much more 'secure system of protection' by the policing authorities at present times to combat vast types of global and national crimes, such as; terrorism, e-commerce fraud, theft, murder etc.

I positively believe that to understand the past, is to understand the present and the future to come in today's challenging era, where people are committing acts of crime everywhere (i.e. crime against person, the white-collar and e-commerce crimes are very challenging acts and requires the up-to-date technology to grasp the criminals).

It shows us that in the present time the police can exploit the technology to seize the criminals (i.e. via DNA Testing, Finger-Prints etc), unlike in the past with no use of technology.

Triumphs, achievements, mistakes and failures are what make up the study of history. Studying the history of Policing can be precious in many ways because it gives an insight into the way the practices were carried out in the past and why they have changed or emerged over time. To value police history is to appreciate the development of what policing is now.

A vast example of the policing history is protection against Indigenous cultures. Before the governing bodies where introduced after the massacre at Myall Creek, rights and social acceptance towards Aboriginal people were non existent, but dramatically...