Why Prostitution Shouls Not Be Outlawed

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Introduction The oldest profession that has always existed and will continue to exist is prostitution. For every woman that walks away from the profession, another lost and confused girl will come to take her place. No mater how many laws are made against prostitution, it will never stop. In some cases it will make it even worse. There are also a few things that should be considered before outlawing prostitution, and the whole picture has to be seen more clearly. After all, prostitutes are adults that should be able to do anything they want with their body because it does not do any harm to people around them. Also prostitution should not be outlawed when looking at all the incidents involved with organized prostitution and slavery because it is another different case. And finally having prostitution regulated would most likely be a better decision than outlawing it.

Actions between consenting adults should not be regulated All adults should have a right to do anything they want to things they own or to themselves.

Being an adult is as far as everyone will get. When a person becomes an adult there is no need for parents to give permissions and watch every step the person takes. When a person is an adult it should be legal for them do to anything, especially to themselves, as long as it does not hurt someone else. After all, anyone can take a sledgehammer, smash their car into pieces and no one will stop them. A person can even ask their friend to smash their car for them and as long as the cops are not told, it's ok. Applying this to prostitution, why can't someone charge for the use of their body, if it is theirs. It's hard to understand why it's ok to...