why i quit the comapny. relate this article why i quit the company to your life

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Jordan Johnson


November 3, 2014

Work Controls my Life

When I was younger I couldn't wait until I was done with school and I got a real job. But as soon as I got a job I wished I didn't have to work anymore. Just like in the article " Why I Quit the Company" by Tomoyuki Iwashita, I too feel like my job controls my life. Also the article "Help! Work Is Taking Over My Life" by Carimah Townes relates to how I feel about working.

In the article "why I quit the company" Tomoyuki Iwashita talks about how he works for a very prestigious company and how whatever he does, doesn't represent him it represents the company. So if he does a bad job or something he's not supposed to do the company looks bad not Tomoyuki. So some people would say that his job is controlling him because it doesn't allow him to do certain things if it does not fit with the way the company is runs.

I can relate to this because I work at an after school Program with kids from the ages of 5-14. So if I get in trouble outside of work its going to look bad on the company that I work for because they hired me and they told the parents I was qualified to work with Their children. So if I do something wrong the company might lose the trust of the parents. Causing them to take their kids out of the after school program. Also I live in the area where I work at so a lot of the people I work with and the kids who attend the after school program. So even when I am in my neighborhood I...